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west salisburyWest Salisbury Foundry and Machine Company (WSFMC) manufacturers iron castings for extreme heat resistant and wear resistant applications.  Some of WSFMC iron casting capabilities include Gray Iron castings in Class 20, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, as well as NiHard castings, White Iron castings, Alloy Iron castings, Ductile Iron castings and High Chromium Iron castings. 

WSFMC recommends NiHard castings for wear resistance applications. NiHard castings, sometimes written as Ni-Hard castings, are extremely wear resistant castings, which are ideal for abrasive resistant products and components.  NiHard cast components can extend the life of parts and products, providing longer use, when compared with other cast iron techniques.

For additional information regarding WSFMC foundry castings, link to our Iron Castings page.

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